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How students spend summer “vacation” in Kenya, 2006

Dear Supporters,

This summer a group of high school students will be traveling to the Maasai village of Merrueshi, Kenya. This will be a once in a lifetime experience. For over two weeks, our group, comprised of students form the Eastside as well as Seattle, will be working in cooperation with the local village people to construct a much needed boys’ dormitory for the regional school. Up until a few years ago, students were taught by a missionary with only the shade of an acacia tree to protect them. Since then the community has built a simple school building and a girls’ dormitory. A boys’ dormitory is the next logical step in the process of offering young Maasai children the chance to receive a formal education. Students who are not able to take advantage of a dormitory often have to walk in excess of ten kilometers twice a day to attend the school. By building this dormitory we hope to imbue the students with the resources that will facilitate their academic success.

The cost of constructing a boys’ dormitory is $8000. This $8000 covers the cost of raw materials for the dormitory, while labor will be donated by both our group and local villagers. The building will be of Spartan design and will serve to house students who are coming in from distant villages. It will be built using handmade concrete bricks and a tin roof. To reach our goal, we are asking friends and family to contribute as much as they feel comfortable giving. Your donation will make an enormous difference in the lives of these children. Education for these children is the first step for the Maasai to become a more globally aware society and even the smallest donation will help take us one step closer to our goal.

The Maasai way of life is struggling to coexist with the forces of modernization. By taking control of their education, the Maasai are taking control of their cultural destiny. The ineffable joy of knowing that these children are given the opportunity to receive an education is what we can take away from this experience. Please join us in this journey and help us attain our goal of helping the Maasai tribe build a future for their new generation by making a donation to our project.

Student Friends of Maasai

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