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Merrueshi Primary School: Update 2007

In January 2007, ten students, two girls and eight boys, graduated from Merrueshi Primary School. All graduates have been enrolled to our newly open Maasai High School. To date, 30 students have successfully graduated from Merrueshi Primary School. If it were not the help from well wishers in the US non of these students would have had a chance to attend school. Thank you for your continued support.


Every Maasai child deserve a chance for a better education and future.

Maasai Association is providing children with that chance. We are connecting children with their dreams.


The Maasai Association thanks donors to Maasai Children Education Fund, the teachers, and parents for helping these studetns to realize their dream. We are making progress slowly but surely. If you would like to play part in this worthwhile cause please visit our contact page and show your support today.

Thank you,

Maasai Association



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Maasai Children Education Fund (MCEF)

Interested sponsors can now fund education for a child, boy, girl ,or either, in the Merrueshi Primary School. For $120 you can put a child through school for one year. Your contribution of any amount is welcomed, as everything counts. Your support will make education more attainable to a Maasai child, who otherwise would have not attended school. Click to download MCEF form.