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An all Maasai Organization

We measure our success based on the number of children with access to formal education, clean drinking water, and lives saved through our village clinic and reproductive health program

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Give the gift of a life-saving vaccine or a mosquito net to a Maasai child today. You can also visit our Gift Catalog for more choices. Thank you.

We at Maasai Association hold everything we do against the expectations of our mission statement and wishes of the Maasai people. Every community development project such as education, health project, women empowerment project, and water project is driven by our mission and commitment to the Maasai community that we belong to. Maasai Association’s projects and programs are within the framework of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

Below are some of our accomplishments in the Maasai region of Kenya .

Merrueshi Village Clinic

Merrueshi Village Clinic is providing basic healthcare services to nearly 5000 Maasai residents of Merrueshi and the neighboring communities. Apart from basic healthcare services, the village clinic has a strong emphasis on village hygiene, health education, disease prevention, treatment, vaccination and nutritional education for mothers and their children. Click to learn more about our village clinic

Maasai High School

The aim of Maasai High School is to increase educational opportunities for hundreds of Maasai children who otherwise do not have the chance to attend high school. This school has become very popular because of its unique approach to formal education. The school takes Maasai cultural heritage into account and is economically affordable for hundreds of pastoralists in Kajiado Dstrict. Click to learn more about Maasai High School

Merrueshi Primary School

Merrueshi Primary School was our first project. The school went from having classes under the acacia tree to having a full campus with all classrooms, teachers’ houses, dormitory facilities for boys and girls, and running water. Merrueshi Primary School is one of three best schools in Kajiado District. Fifty five percent (55%) of our primary school enrollment is girls! This is a tremendous achievement for a people who once shunned western education for girls. Click to learn more about our primary school.

Maasai Computer Learning Center

This vocational training school is for youth who missed the opportunity to either become traditional herders or professionals or both. We are currently looking for more computers needed to reach more young people yearning for knowledge in IT.

Maasai Goats and Cows Program

The aim for Goats and Cows Program is to empower Maasai families and their children with a gift of a cow or goat. To a Maasai, having a cow is the same as having money or a bank account for a Westerner. This program also helps drought victims to rebuild their lives after prolonged and devastating drought. Most importantly we have seen more children in schools because of this program. Click to learn more about this program

Waterholes Restoration Project

The aim of this conservation project is to restore 26 natural waterholes in Merrueshi Group Ranch. Wildlife and pastoralists of East Africa have for centuries depended on seasonal waterholes. The waterholes have silted up as a result of soil erosion and excessive vegetation growth. Maasai Association has a commitment to bring these alternative water catchments to use. This project benefit people and wildlife at the same time. Click to learn more about this project.

Otherwise see our program and project page, link on the left column, for more. Remember our projects are happening because of people like you. Together we are making a difference. Thank you

Correction: Masai vs. Maasai

Maasai is the correct spelling not Masai. Masai with one 'A' is incorrect. In the future please spell Maasai with double AA. We prefer Maasai, not Masai. The title Maasai derives from the word Maa. Maa-sai means my people. 



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Maasai Association

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Maasai Association's projects are happening because of well-wishers like you. We are making a difference together. Thank you for supporting our cause.

Our Belief

The development and survival of the Maasai people is a matter of grave concern to us. We strongly believe that we can bring sustainable socio-economic development to the Maasai region, while preserving our cultural heritage. We do not have to abandon our traditions and culture to thrive in the modern world.

Visit us again soon for updates. More projects are in progress ...

Please see archives for projects from last year.