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Restoring Hope through the Gift of Cows

Slideshow | Cows and Goats Program

“There is no life without cows in the Maasai world.” Kanai, A Maasai Elder

It is our sincere hope that you and your family are doing well. In the Merrueshi community, in spite of the devastating 2005 drought, which still affects us, people’s spirits are strong and so are our cows and goats.

The Maasai Association is delighted to inform you that over 50 cows and 40 goats have been purchased and distributed to needy families in the Maasai region. The Cows and Goats program has been met with enormous success, literally transforming the lives of all participating families. This work would not be possible without the generous support from well-wishers in the US. Thank you for your continued support.

During the recent drought, the Maasai people lost an estimated 70% of their cows. Many families lost everything. Cows represent our “stock market.” Can you imagine losing your home and all of your possessions, with no insurance, and 70% of your net worth? For a Maasai, losing an entire herd of 40 cows to drought is the equivalent of when an American family loses their home and all their securities in a fire. It can be a truly devastating loss. But not necessarily—when people pull together to help those in need.

Kanai, a Maasai Elder in Merreushi community, was one of hundreds of people victimized by the 2005 drought. Kanai had over 40 cows and 30 goats before the drought. Within three months of the drought, Kanai lost everything, including his 40 cows and 30 goats. He was forced to close his kraal. As a result, three of his children were pulled out of school because he could not afford to pay for the school fees and uniform costs. Left without any other options, Kanai decided to leave his children and wife behind in the village while searching for employment. Kanai walked by foot to Nairobi, a journey that took days. Kanai joined the plight of hundreds of Maasai men who searched for whatever work they could find in Nairobi city. Two months later, Kanai had still been unsuccessful in finding work and returned back to his family with nothing.

Fortunately, Kanai was not alone. Upon his return from Nairobi the Maasai Association enrolled Kanai in a life-saving program, which was started in the wake of the 2005 drought. The aim of this innovative Cows and Goat program was to help needy families in the Maasai region rebuild their herds and prevent a major food shortage should another drought occur. [Please see right column for more information on how this program works.]

The Maasai Association gave Kanai and his family a cow and five goats to enable them to begin rebuilding their life and restore his pride. On the day he received the cow and goats, the elder walked away with a big smile and tears in his eyes. Kanai wouldn’t need to rely on the kindness and generosity of his friends and neighbors; he could now take care of his family.

Although the much needed rains have returned to Maasai Land, many families are still struggling to recover the severe economic losses from the 2005 drought. Without any goats or cows, these Maasai families do not have the income or resources to meet their basic needs. They are left with no choice but to wait for the generosity and kindness of others to help them jumpstart their herds and rebuild their lives.

The Maasai Association is working tirelessly to reach out to all needy families in the Maasai region. This year, it is our goal to purchase and distribute 100 cows and 50 goats. For a Maasai family, a cow means clothing, shelter, food, and a child’s education.

A gift of $100 will make it possible for a drought-affected family to receive a cow. A gift of $30 can purchase a goat for another needy family.

Please click to donate a life-saving cow or goat to a Maasai family today.

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A cow is the perfect gift you can give to a Maasai family. Maasai families need cows for fresh milk, cheese, clothing, school fees, and to meet healthcare needs for their children. The cost of a cow is $100. Click to give a life-saving cow to a Maasai family today.

For $30 you can give a goat to a Maasai family

Each dairy goat from the Gallana bread can produce up to 1 and 1⁄2 liters of milk every day. Milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt is what the Maasai need for survival. A goat can be sold when is needed to send kids to school. The cost of a goat is $30. Click to give a life-saving goat to a Maasai family.

Thank you for your continued support. We are grateful for your gift.

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