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High School Project | Dormitory Project

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The Maasai Association is delighted to announce that the 9 Kilometer “Merrueshi Fresh Water Pipeline Project” has been completed.

Over 2,000 people, 5,000 livestock, and an estimated 2,000 wildlife (zebras, giraffe, wildebeest, etc.) now have clean and fresh water. Also, the pipeline is providing water to the Merrueshi Primary School and the newly builtMaasai High School free of charge.

The Merrueshi Fresh Water Project is another step forward in the efforts of poverty eradication through the sustenance of livestock production, and food security. With fresh water available, the community has witnessed improvement in community health, food production such as milk, cheese, and meat, and – hence increase of income per household among members of the Merrueshi community and neighboring villages.

As with the local customary tradition, the community has selected a committee that will oversee the management of their new water system. The committee will ensure that every farmer respects the rules of water use set forward by the community at large.

The water pipeline will be self-sustainable. Maintenance and operation cost is the responsibility of the community, with each herder paying a small monthly fee per cow for the service. The local management committee will hold collected funds and will repair the pipeline when the need arises. The community has the capacity to manage their water source efficiently without external supervision.

The Merrueshi Fresh Water Project was commissioned in an all-inclusive and participatory manner between the Maasai Association, community elders, women, and youths. The pipeline project was completed in one month after the start date.

Special thanks to Ema and John Scherer for helping us cut the trench for Merrueshi Fresh Water Project.

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Merrueshi Fresh Water Project

Funded by:

The Bake Family &
The Brettlers

Thank you for your continued support.

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This tank is filled with fresh water!

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