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Education is the Key to development

High School Project | Water Project

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It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Merrueshi Boarding School facilities have been completed!

Up until last year many students from Merrueshi Primary School walked in excess of ten kilometers twice a day to attend school. Others could not go to school at all because of long waking distances. This hardship has been lessened with help from the children of Seattle.

Last summer, in 2006, a group of high school students from Seattle Washington traveled to a Maasai village of Merrueshi in Kenya to build a badly needed dormitory. The kids made bricks and constructed the building with support from a local contractor and the villagers. With hard work the building was completed within two months.

With newly build dormitory facilities many students are now able to attend school and realize their full academic potentials. If it were not for the support from Seattle children many Maasai children would still be out of school. Maasai of Merrueshi community thanks the children of Seattle for their profound generosity.

The new dormitory facilities have the capacity to accommodate 142 students.

The Maasai Association and residents of Merrueshi Community would like to thank the following children and their families for funding the Merrueshi Boarding school facilities.

Names of Seattle children:

Alex Nordstrom, Kirk Piper, Jake Madwell, Max Callaghan, Murcus Jonsson, Alex Pascualy, Drew Nordstrom, and Kimberly Kelleher .

We would like to give special thanks to Jeannine Rogel for organizing and leading the group of Seattle kids to Kenya for dormitory construction project. We are grateful for your support.

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