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Maasai High School Project

Education is Key to Development and Poverty Eradication.

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There are less than a handful of secondary schools in the Maasai region, while college facilities are unheard of.  Maasai land has the highest primary and secondary school dropout rates in Kenya -- mainly because of lack of local schools in the region. Many Maasai children start their primary and secondary school education late because schools are so far away from their communities. 

Many students have not been able to complete high school education due to lack of school fees, uniforms, and books. High schools in the urban areas are far away and are expensive, making it impossible for Maasai families to afford education for their children.

Maasai girls, picture above, conversing about their future studies after the Merrueshi Primary School.

The national education statistics shows that a limited number of Maasai children have completed secondary school, while even fewer of them have had a chance to attend college. Education is one of 3 most critical needs, among water and health clinics, in the Maasai region today.

With the emerging challenges and rapid changes of the modern world in the Maasai region, it is critically important to have a high school run by the Maasai people in their own community. We strongly believe that a an all Maasai high school will give Maasai children the opportunity to further their studies beyond primary school.

Needs for this project

Five classrooms, staff room, five teachersí houses, kitchen, dinning hall, lecture hall, washrooms, dormitories, desks and tables. 

High school is what we need to successfuly move the Maasai community forward through the 21st century. It is our hope to educate the Maasai children so that they can become agents of their own change rather than victims of change. High school education will benefit the Maasai children and their communities. We are hoping to have the Maasai High School built by 2006.

How you can help as a devoted Friend of the Maasai

There are so many ways you can help us. Members and non-members alike can help us by organizing a fundraising event in your local community; giving financial support; giving in-kind donations; you can volunteer to help on a specific project; or refer us to someone you know who can help our organization in any capacity that s/he could. 

For example, children from Medina Elementary School bought 20 cows and 34 goats used to pay school fees for students in Merrueshi Primary School.

Also, children of Julius E. Sprauve School on St. John in the US Virgin Islands raised over $ 10,000 used to provide clean water to Maasai children for the first time. 

Other persons and groups have contributed skills and knowledge in many different ways. Please do what you can because everything counts.


Imagine a community with power to decide its own destiny.

Education is our power.

Help us to prepare agents of our change, and to realize a sustainable future for our generations to come.


Note: Success of the Maasai High School will mean success to other Maasai communities. The neighboring communities will adapt this model of community building and implement it in their own settings.


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It is our objective to build a high school in the area and enable more students to further their studies beyond primary school.

The high school will have a vocational training component which will offer students real life skills in addition to academic knowledge. You can Click here to support this worthwhile project.

Maasai Children Education Fund (MCEF)
Interested sponsors can now fund education for a child, boy, girl ,or either, in the Merrueshi Primary School. For $120 you can put a child through school for one year. Your contribution of any amount is welcomed, as everything counts. Your support will make education more attainable to a Maasai child, who otherwise would have not attended school. Click to download MCEF form.