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An organization based in Tanzania, East Africa and Seattle, Washington, USA--- committed to building bridges between indigenous and modern worlds. is an independent study undertaken by Hans Johnson, an American student, taking action to preserve the traditional and contemporary music of the Maasai people.  

Walk with the Maasai and learn from them...( exceptional safari)
Campi ya Kanzi features Maasai-led walking safari in Kenya. Experience the thrill of tracking game on foot in a prime game area between Amboseliand Tsavo parks, the camp provides luxury tented camp lodgings for your exclusive private safari.....

Maasai Endeavour presented by Mr. William Ole Ntimama (Narok north MP)
Some Maasai leaders are working for the reclamation of the Maasai land which was stolen, lost or grabbed by the colonists.

The Maasai Language Project
-Culture is transmitted from one generation to the next via language.-The lexicon (words) of a language express concepts central to the culture.-Associations between words often reveal conceptual networks specific to that culture  (often complicating issues translation from one language to another).




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