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When is completed, the art galleries will host a vibrant collection of cultural, historical, and spiritual artifacts that are important to the Maasai culture. Religious and ceremonial artifacts used in tribal ceremonies will be displayed in the center’s galleries.

It is our wish to complete the art galleries by end of 2012.




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The colorful and vibrant collection of intricate beadwork and artifacts presents Maasai past, present, and the future.


Lion hunting was, once before, a right of passage for the Maasai warriors. Today the Maasai warriors are working as lion guardians alongside western conservationists. The art galleries will tell honest stories behind this rite of passage.

In 2009 the Maasai lost nearly 90% of their cattle to drought. Droughts are happening more often than ever before. Glaciers in Mt. Kilimanjaro are receding at a rapid rate leaving people, livestock, and wildlife in a panic. The future of Maasai pastoralists remains uncertain. The art galleries will present stories from the Maasai in a rapidly changing climate, environment, and lifestyle.


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