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The women’s cooperative presents a unique collection of intricate beadwork items made by Maasai women. While the emphasis is on Maasai artifacts, we have a variety of souvenir items from many other parts of Kenya. We carry everything from tribal beadwork, Maasai blankets, t-shirts, batiks, kikoy cloth, hand-woven baskets, and shoes to tribal objects such as shields and spears used by the Maasai and other tribal communities in Kenya.

Shields and warrior outfit

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Even if you are unable to come to Kenya you can still shop at our women's cooperative shop online. Note that our online shop has limited items.

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Maasai beaded shoes


Maasai tribal blanket

We currently don’t accept credit cards. However, we take US$, Euros (€), Sterling pound (£), and Kenya shillings.

Income from the women’s cooperative is shared as follow: 70% goes directly to individual women artisans while 30% is used to support the center and Maasai Association’s community development projects in Merrueshi village.

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