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Merrueshi Village Clinic is managed by Maasai Association together with a committee comprised of villagers.


The clinic has partnered with community and health organizations in Kenya and is making sure that all patients receive the best services within its capacity. The clinic acknowledges community wellness practices and inspires the villagers to seek out help when the need arises. The clinic has reach out midwives and herbalists for their support. 

Also, the clinic has been partnering with government hospitals and local NGO's such as African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) for medical and training support.


Each villager is charged a small fee per medicine prescribed. The fee is used to buy much-needed supplies of drugs to restock the clinic. Otherwise, Maasai Association funds general operation such as staff salaries and equipment through the support from well-wishers and partners for health. For information on how to become a partner for health email us



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Please donate $25 and help us immunize Maasai children against measles, polio, TB, and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Merrueshi Village Clinic


  • Administration room
  • Maternity Center
  • Two exam rooms
  • A dispensing pharmacy
  • Laboratory facility
  • In-patient unit for seriously ill patients
  • Staff housing
  • Voluntary counseling and testing center for HIV/ Aids

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