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Doctor or Nurse Volunteer is needed

We are looking for a doctor volunteer to help us in our newly built Merrueshi Village Health Center.

Ruth Kakuta, USA Health Coordinator, attending a patient at Merrueshi Village Health Center.

Would you like to meet and interact with villagers in Africa? Are you interested in sharing your medical skills with our nurses? Are you interested for a unique cultural experience? If you answered "Yes!" to these questions, please email us today. The volunteer doctor is needed to help in various ways at our newly built Merrueshi Village Health Center in rural Kenya.

In addition to assisting our nurses the volunteer will have an incredible opportunity to learn about East Africa, Maasai culture, local languages such as Kiswahili and Maa. This will be a unique experience that will last a volunteer for many years to come.

Requirements include:

• Medical experience
• Good health
• A high level of enthusiasm
• Flexibility

Application process involves:

• Two Letters of Reference
• Physical Exam/Health Records
• Written Application

Durations of program: 1-12 months

We offer the following:

• Free housing

All other expenses such as food, health care needs, and transport are the responsibility of the volunteer doctor. If you are interested for this unique experience please email us today at You may Click here to learn more about our Village Health Center.

Many thanks for your interest.


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