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Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center (VCT)

The clinic has a Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center program aimed at encouraging local people to come forward for HIV/Aids testing and counseling. This program is helping villagers to learn about their HIV/Aids status. The program is also preparing local people with information and support needed to change risky behaviors that could lead to HIV/Aids. Also this program has been implemented in Maasai Association's schools.

Maasai Association sponsors a HIV/Aids awareness event celebrated worldwide on December 1st of every year.

Trachoma Program with African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)

Together with AMREF we implemented the trachoma program at Merrueshi Village Health Center. Several individuals have been treated and released. The program is still in progress throughout the 2010.

Outreach Program

The clinic has a plan to hire a TB clinical officer and support agent. The staff will make sure that patients continue to take medications and inspire for continues testing, treatment, and full recovery.




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Please donate $25 and help us immunize Maasai children against measles, polio, TB, and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

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